Kaho Kogure


小暮香帆 (Kogure Kaho)


Kaho Kogure born in 1989,is a dancer and choreographer.Her dance embraces “meguru-meguru mono”- everything that comes,goes,and connects one with another.She has performed with number of choreographers and dance groups.She also has joind international tours in Italy,Indonesia,Mexico,and Lithuania.

She has been developing her repertoire as a solo dancer with her first solo work <Namida no kyutai>in 2012,and has created<Haruka Erice>in 2013, <MIMOSA>in 2015 and <Utopia>in 2015.She also participates in a film and collaborates with a number of musicians.She graduated from Japan College of Woman’s Physical Education.She won the 2012 Session Best prize,2015 Yokohama Dance Collection EX2015 competition Rendition 1 Encouragement Prize,New Face Award of Contemporary Dance section from EI SUR Fondation(2017)

photo:Toshiaki Kitaoka